EarthBites is a non-profit organization that supports schools in managing their school gardens and holds engaging workshops where teachers and students discover how to grow and eat with the seasons. EarthBites has a team of urban farmers, nutritionists, and entrepreneurs educating students and teachers on how to grow and preserve their own food, create seasonal snacks and run their own markets.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Developing & maintaining the garden to ensure it is safe, planted, maintained &
    harvested throughout the seasons. This includes:

    • Guiding parent volunteers as they support the garden by watering & maintaining the garden.
    • Caring for the garden over winter & spring breaks
    • With the support of PAC, caring for the garden over summer break
  • Program planning – ensuring all students receive garden workshops 4-5 times a year including:
    • Inviting students choosing Option 4 to attend workshops (subject to administration approval)
    • A year-end Celebration/Feast in June (as health conditions allow)
    • Provide resource ideas to teachers so they can use the garden as a seasonal outdoor classroom.

For more information about the EarthBites program, please visit their website here: